Austin Executive Leads Club
Austive Executive Leads Club
About AELC
WHO are we?
We are a committed group of professionals who meet in Northwest Austin that are looking for qualified referrals to help maximize the growth of our businesses. We work together to foster honest business relationships in the efforts of achieving more referral-based business.

WHERE are we?
We meet every Tuesday morning at Kerby Lane Cafe on Research Blvd. from 730-9 AM. The meal costs $10 and we meet in the back.

WHO are we looking for?
We are looking for other small business professionals who are interested in developing key relationships with other professionals in order to gain more referral-based business. People who have a progressive outlook, and understand that the quickest way to reach your goals is to help someone else reach theirs. We are interested in different types of professions to join our executive group since we only allow one professional from each business category.

WHAT can I expect at the Austin Executive Leads Club?
While we wait for our food, each person stands up and gives a 30-second introduction about their business and what a good referral is for them. After everyone is finished we have a presentation by one of the members. Next, we open the floor for thank-you’s and announcements. This is your chance to announce your upcoming event or thank someone for the great referral. After this, the meeting commences and the best part starts: one on one’s, where you can walk around and discuss business and exchange cards with the other members.
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